Beyoncé Release Tracklist For New Album “Renaissance”

After giving fans a teaser of the album’s sound with “Break My Soul”, the new tracklist shares the rest of the story to come.

Beyoncé released the tracklist to her new album Renaissance on Instagram Stories this week. After announcing the album on June 16, fans have been waiting to see what this new era has in store. The sixth track from the album, “Break My Soul”, dropped a few days after the album announcement. With strong elements of house music present in the song, fans and music fanatics alike are excited to see which direction Beyoncé takes the rest of the tracks in.

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The album has 16 tracks in total. With heavier-sounding songs like “America Has a Problem”, to lighthearted titles, like “Pure/Honey”, one can assume that different social issues and themes will be tackled on the album.

Renaissance makes its debut on July 29, 2022. Until then, check out the full tracklist below.

01 I’m That Girl
02 Cozy
03 Alien Superstar
04 Cuff It
05 Energy
06 Break My Soul
07 Church Girl
08 Plastic Off the Sofa
09 Virgo’s Groove
10 Move
11 Heated
12 Thique
13 All Up in Your Mind
14 America Has a Problem
15 Pure/Honey
16 Summer Renaissance

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