Beyond Beauty: Charli XCX’s On-Tour Glam Routine

Charli XCX talks her new haircut, the 90’s influencing her forever evolving-look, and a weird beauty hack that might help you a save coin or two.

Known for her forever-evolving looks, Charli XCX has found a way to reinvent herself time and time again. Although the British pop-star isn’t afraid to switch it up when boredom strikes, she still manages to preserve the core essence that is Charli XCX. Just in time for the release of her hit single 1999, remixed by The Knocks, Charli sits down for an exclusive conversation with V surrounding her ‘Beyond Beauty’ zine.

Check out the new remix below, and read all about her new haircut, the 90’s influencing her forever evolving-look, and a weird beauty hack that might help you save a coin or two below.

photo by Henry Redcliffe


Can you tell me about your new look and what has inspired the changes?

I’ve never had like A HAIRCUT. I always just let my hair keep growing and it always just looked messy and sort of vague. I bought a really cheap black bob wig at party city when I was on tour with Halsey last year and started wearing it all the time. It was about $10 and I became obsessed with it – it looked soooo bad and fake but I wouldn’t take it off and wore it on stage and everything. So then I thought “Fuck it I love it, let’s cut it like this.” I also never really went through a hair dying phase so when I ended up being on tour with a real life colorist who also happens to be one of my best friends I was like okayyyyy let’s do this!!!! Now we color my hair all the time.

How are you currently using makeup and beauty products to express yourself?

I’m so lazy with make up when it comes to doing it myself. I also don’t have a proper make up bag or anything so everything always gets lost or smashed or broken. I’m so lucky to have a makeup artist who is so great and wants to experiment on me!!! I’m sort of up for anything really. When I’m on my own I just wear lip balm (I literally can’t live without it, I probably put it on around 20 times a day) and then I’ll do my eyes black with kohl and put a load of gloss on my lids. I really like the dewy wet look. Beauty comes from within, but make up is fun and I like to play dress up.

Are there any beauty hacks you live by?

LIP BALM ON EVERYTHING!!!! u can literally give yourself a full LEWK with just lip balm alone. Lips – done, cheekbones – done, eyelids done – even put it in your hair if u want texture (or maybe that’s just me lol)

How old were you when you first started experimenting with makeup? Any particular stories you recall?

When I was younger I used to buy actual face paint and put it on my face. I would give myself huge pink rosy cheeks and like draw on fake eyelashes. I was really into club kid culture when I was younger and was looking to the club kids from the 80s and 90s for all my very eccentric looks. My dad would always encourage me to be as weird as possible, I think he just wanted me to explore everything.

What decade in time do you identify your style most with right now and why?

Do you even need to ask…. the 90s!!!! Duh!!!!

photo by Henry Redcliffe
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