Billie Eilish is a Bombshell Blonde

The Grammy-winning musician revealed her new look, which has reportedly been in progress for weeks.

If you’ve seen singer-songwriter Billie Eilish out and about lately, chances are she’s been rocking her signature black hair with neon green at the roots. Eilish has undergone multiple hair transformations over her impressive career, but the green became something of a signature look, immediately associated with the star.

Instagram @billieeilish

That is, until yesterday, when Eilish posted an Instagram photo and video of her new look: a classic blonde. The layers and curtain bangs add volume and character, reminiscent of Debbie Harry’s iconic cut. We’re big fans. This change, which follows Eilish’s performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards, where she took home the coveted award for Record of the Year, didn’t actually happen overnight. Rather, Eilish has seemingly been wearing a wig while going through the long dying process with hairstylist Lissa Renn. Eilish proceeded slowly in order to protect her hair from damage while lifting the previous dark color and perfecting the luminous blonde.

Instagram @billieeilish

Fans adore the new color and are already speculating about whether the change might indicate a new musical era for Eilish. With so many iconic blonde stars of the past, she’d certainly have a lot of inspiration to draw from. In the meantime, we will be watching that hair-flip video on loop.

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