Billie Eilish Stars in FW19 Campaign for MCM

She’s already the world’s hottest pop star of the year. Now she’s a model, too.

Considering she’s never done it before, Billie Eilish sure does make a good model. The 17 year-old pop icon is the face of MCM’s FW19 campaign.

The brand, which came under the creative direction of Dirk Schönberger last year, is committed to presenting a message of individuality through a multitude of different personalities. Eilish is heralded as a universal nonconformist. Beauty and fashion standards, musical expectations, refined cordiality—it’s all out the window. And that’s just how Gen Z likes it.

The next generation is ushering in a wave of unmatched acceptance. It’s an anti-boundary, anti-extremism kind of world, and MCM is here to cater to it.

The German label’s latest campaign sees Eilish joined by the rapper-producer Childish Major, both wearing some of the same, genderless garments. Despite the neutrality of the clothing, the line is anything but standardized. Varied styling creates a range of personalities: shy or self-assured, urban or emo, old school or next-gen.

Oversized parkas and sporty jumpsuits signal MCM’s commitment to keeping with the times. The real highlight of the collection, though, is the color-coordinated crossbody bags and headwear combination. Billie pairs a tan crossbody and a bucket hat, while a hot pink beanie and fanny pack make separate appearances in the campaign.

The campaign’s irreverent attitude carries through the clothes and into the actual production, as well. Rising photographer Lea Colombo shot the line on film, hoping to preserve the authentic texture of the garments, rather than in a digital format.

As for the entire message of the brand, Eilish says that she, too, tries to defy standards. “I like to glorify things that make people uncomfortable,” the singer said in a release. “We’re so used to one way of living that we think other peoples’ lifestyles are wrong—sometimes automatically, without even thinking. I want to mess with what people are used to.”

Take a look at the campaign below.

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