Billionaire Boys Club Drops Reusable Face Masks

Billionaire Boys Club launched a fresh line of protective face masks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Billionaire Boys Club released a fresh line of quarantine inspired face masks earlier this week.

These polyester masks come in a variety of colors and designs curated by Icecream, a subsidiary of Billionaire Boys Club. Loud bold graphics colored in neon yellow, pastel turquoise and vibrant tomato make up a total of eight new masks. 

“In an effort to provide aid in combating covid-19, we have focused our manufacturer’s capabilities to produce protective face masks,” Billionaire Boys Club wrote on their website.

Icecream’s high-end streetwear branded masks are available in three distinct graphics. Designs include the iconic pink ice cream cone with cherry eyes intersected with two bones. Icecream’s “Run Mask” comes in a four different colors featuring a leaping dog-like animal. “Grin Masks” are also available in a variety of colors which show a wide smile of sharp pearly whites.

The brand, created and led by Pharrell Williams, released the face masks just weeks after Billionaire Boys Club’s launch of a look-book inspired by Manga — a cartoon and animation style derived from Japan. The look-book dropped summer styles in the form of loose graphic tees and statement studded shorts.

Reusable masks are popular now more than ever before. After single use masks became practically sold-out across the United States in March, U.S. officials ordered thousands of masks for front line workers desperately in need. The excess amount of single use masks are now causing environmental problems in some parts of the world. Back in June, The Guardian reported that divers in the Mediterranean Sea discovered dozens of discarded single use face masks.   

Billionaire Boys Club and Icecreams reusable masks are available for purchase on Feature’s website for $25.00.


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