Billionaire Boys Club – Fall 2021 Collection, Pharrell Williams’ New Drop

The mismatched colorful brand created by the musical artist Pharrell Williams and his friend Nigo, is back with a new Fall collection.  

Similarly to his musical style, which is a combination between rock hip-hop and funk, Pharrell Williams who seems attracted by various sonority, instruments, and will to combine different tones through collabs, is transcribing his songs ideals into his fashion collection.


Colorful patchworks, uneven collage, unconventional accessories, paint-splattered cosy garments, and corduroy cagoules are completed with the BBC logo patch. The provocative, artistic and modern brand presented a melting-pot overwhelming label, offering takes on militarism and folk culture.


The non-so inventive collection is, however, targeting the millennials and created streetwear outfits to accompany, like a second skin, young people’s daily lives.



Graphics are inspired by poetic and jazz at-home loungewear we could associate to the great Sun Ra, who was known for his spectacular performances around “cosmic philosophy”.

The neo-vintage style composed by layered trendy garments reflects an organized construction based on the motto “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket”.



Focused on originality, and self, the brand is highlighting the gap between the name of the label and the message delivered through it.

Nevertheless, it has a price, between $50 and $300 by piece.



Mixing traditional quilting-style technique and influent contemporary graphics sets the new tone of the coming season. Shoppable on BBC Ice Cream’s website, the unisex apparel and accessory brand sells jackets, hoodies, tee-shirts and pants, which suits any swanky chiller.


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