Black Lives Matter: How You Can Help Fight Police Gun Violence

Black Lives Matter: How You Can Help Fight Police Gun Violence

Sign a petition, make a donation, attend a meeting: here's how you can make a difference

Sign a petition, make a donation, attend a meeting: here's how you can make a difference

Text: Grace Walker

It seems that with each grueling day of news comes another fatal shooting, specifically an innocent black life taken by the police—the most recent being Alton Sterling and Philando Castile this week, in Louisiana and Minnesota respectively. While the U.S. has made steps toward equality in certain areas, the issue of guns, and specifically police usage of weapons, underpins a fundamental discriminatory flaw. Unfortunately, the regularity of unnecessary shootings has shaded the severity of the problem, and though unintentional, there exists a seemingly numb buffer around the topic.

When brave enough to face reality, we find that 1 in 13 people killed by guns are killed by police—an astounding proportion of which are murders of people of color—with 560 people total killed by officers this year alone. However, we aren't simply underlining a weightless figure to be quickly dismissed when clicking out of this article, or immediately forgotten when tuning out of the news. That is our primary misunderstanding: as individuals, it's tempting to believe there is nothing we can do to alter such a large scale problem. While the issue may seem larger than life, and out of our control, this conception is wholly misguided. A plethora of charities, organizations and campaigns, both old and new, are collectively working to achieve justice, and ultimately peace, for victims of police gun crime. Whether it be attending a local action meeting, donating a small gift or simply signing a petition, we can all make baby steps towards tackling our national disaster.

In direct response to the fatal shootings of the shootings this week, an open protest will take place in New York tonight with the hope of condoling family and spreading a wider message (it is already underway in Union Square). The momentum of the justice movement has understandably spiked in the past few days, with petitions and donation pages amassing huge support—all of which we've listed below for easy reference. To support Alton's case, sign the Move On Justice for Alton petition—but also take a moment to browse our wider list of organizations tirelessly fighting for justice. And remember, however small, you have the power to make an immensely meaningful contribution to the cause. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Move On - Justice for Alton

Louisiana State Legislature

  • Voice your support of Alton

Minnesota State Legislature

  • Voice your support of Philando

Black Lives Matter:

  • Join a local chapter and gain membership
  • Learn about guiding principles and
  • Find a local or national event, or add your own to the calendar

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

  • Sign petitions to support victims in individual court cases
  • Sign up for breaking news
  • Donate (gift/monthly)

Black Life Matters:

  • Donate

Communities United Against Police Brutality:

  • Weekly meetings: Every Saturday at 1:30 p.m. 4200 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis
  • Donate
  • 24-HOUR HOTLINE: 612-874-STOP (612-874-7867)

National Police Accountability Project

  • Membership

Doctors for America

  • Sign Petition: Doctors and Public Health Professionals: End the CDC Gun Violence Research Ban

Contact Your Local Congress Member

  • Urge them for policy reform


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