BLACKPINK Announce Collaboration With Cardi B

BLACKPINK are gearing up to release “THE ALBUM.”

We’ve all accepted that K-Pop has taken over the world, right? I mean, it’s everywhere, and it’s time to fully accept our new pop overlords with open arms and ears. BLACKPINK, the K-Pop girlband that has probably garnered the most attention from American audiences, is about to drop their new record, aptly titled “THE ALBUM.” It’s set to release Oct. 2nd, but the girls just posted the full track list, and it includes some pretty high profile collabs.

“THE ALBUM” kicks off with track “How You Like That,” already a staple on every major radio broadcast. The number two slot goes to “Ice Cream,” the bands collaboration with Selena Gomez. The music video, out last month, has already racked up close to 300 million views.

It’s the song in slot number four that has caught fans’ eyes. Right after the words “Bet You Wanna” is “feat. Cardi B.” If the success of the previous two singles is anything to go by, “Bet You Wanna” is sure to be the inescapable song of the next few months. And it’s proven fact that pretty much anything Cardi touches turns to gold, so set aside your “WAP” related Instagram captions and get some posts lined up for whatever Cardi has in store.

The rest of BLACKPINK’s album features titles like “Lovesick Girls,” which is co-produced by member Jennie, and “Pretty Savage.” The album art features pictures of crowns and one adorable image of the girls all cuddled up in plaid. It’s the start of a new era, and inevitably a new takeover.

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