Blake Gray is Ready To Take The Next Big Step

The digital creator discusses vulnerability, criticism, and a hopeful future.

Blake Gray has his future in his hands. Active on social media since 2015,  Gray clutches onto one of the various niches of the internet that have allowed him to be in control and remain at the forefront of young digital creators. His presence on TikTok is overwhelming, to say the least. With over ten million followers on the app and five million on Instagram, it’s difficult to ignore his influence and amass as he continues through his career. Fashion labels are noticing too.

During Paris Fashion Week, he was a notable face at Fendi and Prada, the latter inviting the star and his friends such as Noah Beck, Brent Rivera, and Larray. This did not come without its criticism, many on social media calling out that there are many creators with platforms focusing on beauty and fashion that should have been invited in their stead.  “I think, you know, all the influencers, just us alone, we can post online and have it reach over a hundred million people. I think it’s great that all these brands are starting to work with us, you know? Cause I mean, we have the reach. We have the audience,” Blake says. Now that brands are starting to work with influencers, people are not too fond of it. I do definitely see all the criticism. I did see it under the Prada [posts], and I think people are just not wanting to accept that influencers are the next wave.”

It may seem out of the ordinary to invite a population of celebrities that appear unaware of anything related to fashion other than weekly trends. Still, for Blake, it was not high fashion was not a foreign concept. Being a content creator gave him the outlet to participate in a world that appeared to be exclusive: “I used to watch all of them on TV and the fact that I’m sitting at these shows and events by really, really, really big designers of brands, it’s actually really freaking cool.” Despite the forum-like commentary in the comments of TikToks, the criticism does not seem to be overriding Blake’s true intentions, and major luxury fashion houses can see that. 

Ralph Lauren saw the potential in Blake, making him the new face for Polo. Having recently turned 21, his schoolboy looks seem to align perfectly with Ralph Lauren’s image. “Ralph Lauren is literally one of my favorite brands ever. I mean, I can go as far back in time and always remember, you know, me wearing a Polo.” he gushes. “And it’s actually honestly a dream come true mine to work with them, everybody over there, is just so nice. I love it so much.”

Blake’s dreams may now be extending past TikTok and fashion weeks. “I’ve been taking a lot of acting classes. I would love to see myself in a show or movie by the end of the year,” he says with a tone that mingles in a state of anticipation and confidence. “You have to be very vulnerable. You gotta not be afraid about putting yourself out there and not messing up.”

It may not be too difficult for him to show his vulnerable side. This past Valentine’s Day, Blake and his girlfriend, Amelie Zilber (a popular content creator of her own accord), were the faces for Ralph Lauren’s ‘Romance’ fragrance campaign. Outside of being a business opportunity, it was a chance to expose and share the behind-the-scenes of their relationship. “We got to show that more vulnerable side and actually talk and, you know, feel all the things and show everybody what our relationship is truly like.” 

Like any digital creator that has gained the same following and led a similar trajectory as Blake, there is no avoiding the public’s opinion. He’s shown that through his own interests and the utilization of his platform, labels like Burberry, Isabel Marant, and Valentino cannot avoid the inevitability that content creators are here to stay. Acting may be another base. “It’s a whole different ball game,” he says. “It’s going to take a lot of classes and a lot of time and a lot of work, but I’m ready to do it.”


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