Blumarine’s FW22 Show was Hyper-Femme and Sensuous

Nicola Brognano explores a more mature Blumarine muse in his new collection.

Blumarine’s FW22 collection is ethereal at the very least. In this chapter, creative director Nicola Brognano explores a more mature, sensual quality of the brand’s identity. Following a youthful early 2000s-inspired summer collection, this collection defines the Blumarine muse as ascending from girlhood to provocative womanhood. “She isn’t just frivolous and sensual, or an alluring ingénue. Rather, she dares to explore darker, nocturnal sides, secret atmospheres — audacious, provocative, sexual,” according to the brand’s press release. 


This season’s collection features silky hyper-femme silhouettes created with flowy cropped blouses, décoletté-baring silk button-ups, and slinky bias cut dresses. The runway was permeated by unstructured trench coats favored by designers this season. As the models walked, there was an illusion of a “liquid effect.” Evidently, the loose going-out top is back in style, and the rock-chic girls are here for it. 

 While upper body silhouettes were gauzy, legs took center stage with matching low rise micro-mini skirts and belly-button baring crop tops. Models wore skinny patent leather pants and Euphoria-esque catsuits – but not without Blumarine’s trademark femme lace and crystal detailing. Looks were accessorized with this season’s favorite sheer pastel stockings, thigh-highs and garters, while rosette spirals decorated tops and Victorian-esque headpieces and chokers, creating a magical and costume-like effect.

 “Grown-up in her self-confidence, the Blumarine woman opens up to a powerful, uncompromising sensuality, free from any preconceived idea about physicality. She’s aware that seduction is first and foremost an attitude,” said Nicola Brognano, Blumarine Creative Director.

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