Bodega Rose Releases New Prada and Nike X Sacai Inspired Ceramic Pots

Plants play dress-up.

Your succulents won’t know what hit them.

Our plants only deserve the best, and thankfully, Bodega Rose understands that. Bodega Rose has released two new planters that will make all of your neighbors’ plants jealous. New planters include a Prada Bucket Hat and Nike x Sacai Waffle.

Hey, just because we haven’t changed out of sweats and slippers for the past two months doesn’t mean our plants can’t dress up nicely!

These off-white planters are handmade in Japan, composed of jesemite, and exact replicas of their inspired products. The Prada Bucket hat can be used as a vase or planter for larger plants, and the Nike x Sacai Waffle is perfect for smaller plants and succulents.

Past styles have included the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag and Margiela Tabi Flower Vase and can be seen on their Instagram page.

Check out the new styles below.



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