Bode’s 2021 Collection is Made Up of Clothes for Your Year Off

The latest Bode collection is inspired by founder Emily Bode’s family history.

Bode is a brand rooted in history and place; founder Emily Bode pays homage to her New England background and repurposes antique textiles in her carefully crafted designs. Now, she’s looking to her family’s past for inspiration. During the past year of quarantine and isolation, the designer has been reflecting on another strange and significant (albeit more exciting) year in the life of her Uncle Bill. In 1969, Bill Bode took a year off of school. His tuition money sustained him for more thrilling pursuits outside of the classroom – racing cars on the frozen Lake Champlain, visiting Woodstock, and playing many games of Monopoly. When Emily Bode returned to New York during the COVID-19 pandemic, she began to create a space inspired by the room where her uncle lived during that time. This re-imagined bedroom forms the backdrop for Bode’s latest collection, “A Year Off.”

Vintage motifs abound in the new collection, a nod to the 1969 pop culture landscape in which Bill Bode immersed himself. There’s a touch of New England prep, but overall these are clothes for leisure – it’s a year of self-exploration and fun, after all. In typical Bode style, the collection incorporates many textures, prints, and fabrics to create pieces that feel like instant classics, even family heirlooms. Lobsters appear in reference to the Bode family’s annual lobster bakes.

Vermont, where Bill Bode attended college before this formative year, also serves as inspiration for the collection. These clothes would be comfortable in the hot sun, but there are also plenty of layers for fickle winds and cold nights, allowing this collection to span every season. There’s also something here for every style requirement. Printed shorts and chunky sweaters add a casual touch, but sharply tailored trousers and even one luxurious purple suit transition to fancier occasions.

The new collection is expected to launch later this year on the Bode website.

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