Bop Refresh: 7/20

Bop Refresh: 7/20

Bop Refresh: 7/20

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Billie Eilish, “you should see me in a crown”

Pop’s rising teen sensation is going straight for the crown. Billie’s surprise new single is downright sinister, her taunting vocals twisting around a soundscape of glass breaking, horror movie screams, and a mind-bending synthline—she even references her debut single. It’s the sound of a young artist who knows exactly what she wants and dares to go after it without compromising who she is, also known as the sound of pop as it’s done best.

Silk City, “Feel About You (feat. Mapei)”

The second offering from Mark Ronson and Diplo’s collaborative project is a late contender for song of the summer, delivering a classic house jam with subtle strings, piano stabs, and Mapei’s soulful vocals wrapping it up in a pristine little bow (or should we say bop?).

Zedd and Elley Duhé, “Happy Now”

The superstar DJ-producer follows up his slow-burning smash “The Middle” with something more melancholy but equally as likely to get stuck in your head. Elley Duhé makes a striking impression on what may be her breakout moment, her crystal clear vocals shining against the twinkling synths. But when those vocoders come in, the goosebumps truly begin.

Ciara, “Level Up”

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Miss Ci, and she came back a-blazing. Her new single reminds us how she’s sustained such a long career in music—because she consistency delivers bops that make you snap, crack, and pop like no other. “Level Up” is just as catchy as “1,2 Step” and hypnotic as “Work”, complete with trap synths and a frantic beat that come straight out of the future. Ladies and gents, it’s time for us to level up indeed.

The Internet, “Mood”

A standout from their new album Hive Mind, frontwoman Syd croons over a sensual soundscape straight from the early 2000s, effectively getting her date in the right mood. An absolute mood, if we may say (I apologize).

Chance the Rapper, “I Might Need Security”

On one of four (!) new singles he released this week, Chance deviates from his usual sunshine—and for good reason. Over a strangely charming loop of Jamie Foxx belting “fuck you!”, Chance spouts off on micro-aggressive racism, injustice in his hometown of Chicago, and the lack of diverse voices in the media, and announces his plans to help improve things—"I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist bitches out of business”. It serves as an important mission statement for the rapper as he battles his own bravado with his stress for the community.

Zayn, “Sour Diesel”

Zayn's sophomore album has great potential, and he continues to reveal it with "Sour Diesel", a smoky and sultry tune that sees him head into more bluesy territory, funky guitar riffs and all.

LANY, “Thru These Tears”

You know the feeling that takes over your entire being after someone who you (thought you) loved breaks it off with you? LANY does. Their debut album was full of wistful disco-pop gems fitting for all parts of the cycle of love, and the first taste of their follow-up is a majestic soundtrack for dealing with a split, with just the right amounts of grit and sweeping melodrama.

Jessie Reyez, “Apple Juice”

One of RnB's rising sensations turns a story of a man trying to love and treat her right, without the proper tools to do so, into a soulful plea for patience and reciprocation that makes you groove to the rhythm in solidarity.

The 1975, “Love It If We Made It”

It’s important that music be an escape for people during the turbulent times of injustice and fear that we’re currently living in—but it’s even more essential that music serve as a form of protest and a vehicle to let out our rage and frustration. On “Love It If We Made It,” the second track released from The 1975’s third album, Matty Healy and crew take on all that’s wrong in the world: Trump’s horrific tape recording and his friendship with Kanye, Lil Peep’s death, the mistreatment of African-Americans in the prison system, and citizens being forced to flee their country for safety, among others. Against a wall of harsh sound, they wrap clever references up into one effective message: it’s going to be very hard to make it through.


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