Bop Refresh: 8/24

Bop Refresh: 8/24

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Bop Refresh: 8/24

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Cher, “SOS”

Is there going to be anything more joyful and fabulous as Cher’s upcoming ABBA cover album this year? Going by “SOS”, our second preview of the record, the answer is a resounding no. Cher remains faithful to the classic, adding her rich vocals, thrilling strings, and just a dash of the iconic vocoder to create another supreme disco anthem. Keep ‘em coming, queen.

Kim Petras, “All the Time”

Kim is proving herself to be a master of pristine pop bops. Her newest offering, “All the Time”, is perhaps her most island-ready, but calling it chill or relaxed would be misguided. Her vocals are twisted and distorted into a hyper-pop storm of tropical synths and high-pitched swirls, giving a vibrant and utterly catchy update to your typical Ibiza rave.

Kailee Morgue, “Siren”

The rising pop witch gets a little flirty—well, without losing any darkness—on her new single “Siren”. It’s menacing and dreamy at once, Kailee’s angelic tone contrasted with the dramatic and eerie production making for a (purposefully) alarming track that’s sure to make you check under your bed tonight.

Jessie Reyez, “Body Count Remix (feat. Normani and Kehlani)”

What’s better than Jessie Reyez’s infectious chill bop “Body Count”? Adding two fellow female powerhouses to reinforce the message of empowerment. Kehlani and Normani come on board to help lay down the law and celebrate independence with effortless flow and pristine vocals—and swerve some more men while they’re at it. Proudly.

Empress Of, “When I’m With Him”

The dream-pop songstress just announced her sophomore album Us, a title that intriguingly contrasts with her debut record Me, and shared the official lead single. Unsurprisingly, it hits the spot. “When I’m With Him” is a pensive but ultra-melodic tune that explores the loneliness that a relationship can still bring over a steady drumline and swooshing synths that perfectly capture the mood.

Disclosure, “Where You Came From”

The British garage-house duo has returned from their much-too-long hiatus with not one, not two, but five new tracks in the past week. All of them are a return to classic Disclosure with their own twist, but my personal highlight, “Where You Came From”, is a bit more frantic, with an undeniable, hip-shaking ’90s house beat and scattered pulses making for the perfect club soundtrack this weekend.

Seinabo Sey, “Good In You”

The serene Swedish sensation gives us another preview of her upcoming album I’m A Dream with a uplifting anthem about recognizing and celebrating the best parts of ourselves, whatever that may be.

LIZ, “Pandemonium”

The noughties vibes are as strong as ever on LIZ’s new jam. “Pandemonium” will cause fans caught up in nostalgia to experience pandemonium in themselves, with references to Britney, VHS, and “fetch” over a glitchy electro thump. Take me back to those days.

Christine and the Queens, “La marcheuse”

It should be known that language is no barrier to enjoying music, so frankly, more people stateside should be paying attention to Christine and the Queens’ French renditions. Her new ballad, “La marcheuse” is just as affecting and harmonious as its English translation, “The Walker”, which you’ll hear on her sophomore album Chris next month.


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