Bop Refresh: 8/3

Bop Refresh: 8/3

Bop Refresh: 8/3

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Ella Mai, “Trip”

On the first release after her breakout single “Boo’d Up”, rising R&B sensation Ella Mai is now trippin’ over her new boo. “Trip” takes the “Boo’d Up” formula of snap-along melodies, breezy vocals, and an immediate catchphrase to create a worthy follow-up and a genuinely catchy earworm. 

Cuco & Clairo, “Drown”

Internet artists unite! In one of the most natural collaborations to ever exist, DIY-esque musicians Cuco and Clairo bring their mellow bedroom-pop sounds together for an utterly charming take on the classic break-up tune. It depicts the modern way of dealing with a split, the duo wallowing over heartbreak over soft synths but not taking it too seriously. “Why’d you leave me on read?” is a devastating realization in the present, but you know they’ll be over it very soon. 

Sabrina Claudio, “Messages From Her”

No matter how excited we can get about the present, it’s still all too easy to get caught up in the past and recollect every mistake we made—we may do it a bit too often. Over a stunning backdrop of electric guitar strums and drum kicks, Sabrina Claudio speaks to her younger, freer self about the true meaning of happiness and begins to let go of those regrets, one heavenly harmony at a time. 

H.E.R., “Could’ve Been (feat. Bryson Tiller)”

Though we rarely see her face, the shielded sensation lays it all on the line through her music, and “Could’ve Been” is no exception. It’s a haunting yet soothing stunner with droning vocals, chilling vocoders, and an all-too-brief appearance from Bryson Tiller that captures losing the one that got away so effectively. 

Mura Masa and Nao, “Complicated”

The superstar DJ and soulful songstress make a very convincing duo on “Complicated”. Her distinctive rasp is a refreshing compliment to his organic electronic soundscapes, providing for a fresh and funky collaboration that shows much more potential for further greatness. 

Diana Gordon, “Moment to Myself”

The prolific singer-songwriter has collaborated with so many superstars (Beyoncé) and gone through so many musical transitions (her change from stage name Wynter to birth name Diana) that taking a moment to herself feels oddly apt. Her zippy, low-key ode to solitude is the perfect soundtrack for blocking out the world. 

Moses Sumney, “Rank & File”

Moses proves his versatility by delivering a politically charged anthem about police brutality with an undeniably electric fervor. With a minimal yet mind-bending production of finger snapping, whopping gospel vocals, and blasts of orchestral grandeur, “Rank & File” is filled with simmering tension that doesn’t let up but never explodes. The call-and-response military chants are chilling—“Now I don’t care what I’ve been told / This police state is much too cold”—but there's no solution in sight. Rather, the song unravels into a thrilling yet uncertain moment of protest, fighting with peace but powerful anguish. 

Robyn, “Missing U”

I’ve already said all the needed to be said about “Missing U”, but this must be reiterated: this is dance-pop doom-and-gloom at its finest. 


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