Bop Refresh: 9/14

Bop Refresh: 9/14

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Bop Refresh: 9/14

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Lana Del Rey, “Mariners Apartment Complex”

The maestro of Americana is already back with the first preview of her next studio album, and on initial reaction, it may be one of her best. “Mariners Apartment Complex” is one of the artist's most accomplished singles to date, a rich and dreamy yet slightly psychedelic ditty that delves further into the world she created with Lust for Life yet also reaches back to her Ultraviolence days. She's still the badass ride-or-die girl we know and love, but this time, in the comforting and uplifting form that she cultivated on her previous record. It marks new sonic territory for both Lana and producer Jack Antonoff, whose touch is felt through the grungy bass and electric guitar slashes, yet it still feels familiar from the superstar, with speak-singing pre-choruses, that heavenly intro, and its setting at her precious beaches. Never change, Lana.

The 1975, “Sincerity Is Scary”

For the latest preview of their upcoming album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, Matty Healy and company are showing off a softer side and getting a bit more introspective. The brilliantly titled “Sincerity Is Scary” wittily addresses sensitive topics like cancel culture and false sexism over an R&B-jazz soundscape of steady kickdrums, calming piano, and a lush background horn solo, proving their immense versatility once again.

Ciara, “Dose”

Ciara is truly back in full force. After serving the workout jam of the year with “Level Up”, she’s already giving us another dose of motivation with… “Dose”. There may be nothing that gets my blood pumping and body shaking than a marching band hip-hop bop, and Ciara delivers in spades, complete with endless horns, perfectly placed dance breaks, and hooks for days. Where can we sign up for the Ciara fitness program?

Khalid, “Better”

The R&B sensation is back with the first listen from his upcoming sophomore album. As expected, “Better” is a slickly produced jam that puts Khalid’s rich and smooth vocals at the forefront, with a strong melodic backup and a gorgeous vocoder-ed outro to lead us out. But there’s still some vulnerability to be found within his more sensual and comfortable surroundings, as there is in all of the best seductive moments.

Mariah Carey, “GTFO”

Mariah Carey wanted to tease her next album (her 15th!) with something that that reflects the “light-hearted spirit” of her upcoming album, so she released a song that’s literally called “Get the Fuck Out.” In all fairness, this is pretty light and low-key fare for Mimi, her fresh, airy vocals highlighted over a chill soundscape of warm synths and hypnotic piano keys. But as you may expect, not one ounce of fierceness was lost in the process—her former lovers better watch out.

LANY, “Thick And Thin”

For the third preview of their upcoming album Malibu Nights, the group is going back to the heartfelt euphoric pop they’ve mastered. “Thick And Thin” is a soft and wistful exploration of how hopelessly romantic visions can be crushed in an instant. Heartbreak always sounds so good through the ears of LANY.

Sofi Tukker & Pabllo Vittar, “Energia (Parte 2)”

The brilliantly bonkers dance duo elevates their bombastic bop “Energia” with none other than Brazilian drag queen and rising pop legend Pabllo Vittar, who adds an electric Portuguese verse to the proceedings, complete with huge, angelic vocal runs that only a queen could provide.

Dolly Parton and Sia, “Here I Am”

This is a pairing we’ve never even thought about, but in this house, we stan everything Dolly Parton, so here I am (and I’m not apologizing for the pun).


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