Bop Refresh: 9/28

Bop Refresh: 9/28

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Bop Refresh: 9/28

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Every New Music Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the must-listen new songs from the week.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Robyn, “Honey”

Years after hearing an unfinished preview of Robyn’s future gem on the last season of Girls, we finally got our honey! And truly, it’s even more mesmerizing than I anticipated. “Honey” sends you into an utterly hypnotic trance, pulsing its way through soft, throbbing synths and psychedelic flourishes, with Robyn acting as your comforting friend and sly conductor through the smoothest ride of your life. It very well be looked at as her masterpiece in the coming years, but right now, we’re letting it soothe us.

DJ Snake, “Taki Taki (with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B)”

Did anyone expect “Taki Taki” to be anything but an absolutely sizzling bop? Nope. Selena is at her best here, her voice sensual and powerful over Snake’s squeaky synths, and Cardi delivers one of the best verses of her career thus far, even breaking out her Spanish vocals in a thrilling climax.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, “Shallow”

Maybe consider holding off on listening to Gaga and Bradley’s gem until you actually see A Star Is Born—the moment this song is unleashed in the film and to the world is simply too magical for words. But if you just cannot wait any longer, here it is in all of its cathartic, uplifting glory.

Nile Rodgers & Chic, “I Want Your Love (feat. Lady Gaga)”

Gaga pulled off a double whammy today. Nearly three years after hearing just a snippet of her cover of Chic’s “I Want Your Love” during Tom Ford’s SS16 campaign, the whole track has arrived on Nile Rodgers & Chic’s long-awaited comeback album, and It’s About Time (literally the name of the album). The cover just as bombastic and funky as you were hoping, a nice five-minute nod to Gaga’s glam rock days. Her pristine vocals merged with Rodgers’ disco expertise make for sonic heaven.

Sasha Sloan, “Faking It”

Pop’s newest provider of solid sad bops is back, and tired of faking it. Sloan’s new song bumps in the most dejected way with smoky beats and a melancholic yet anthemic chorus, making us realize how well we’ve learned to fake our own emotions as a general culture. At least she makes masking our problems sound good.

Yaeji, “One More”

The Korean superstar is rapidly emerging as the queen of subtle club jams, and her newest offering, “One More”, is a worthy addition to her repertoire. She thrillingly switches between singing English and Korean words, as per usual, as she tells off a suitor over her wistful beats that slowly become more colorful and exciting as it takes an exciting left turn.

LÉON, “Baby Don’t Talk”

Listen to LÉON and don’t talk—just listen to her smoldering vocals as she commands her lover over a thumping drumbeat and sensual guitar riffs. It makes for a strong, soulful pop romp, or in other words, an essential listen.

Lauv, “There’s No Way (feat. Julia Michaels)”

Lauv and Julia Michaels teaming up for a heartfelt duet almost seemed inevitable—they’re two of pop’s most prominent singer-songwriters (and nicest people) after all. So it’s appropriate that their song, an effective pop ballad that slowly builds into a twinkling tango for two, follows the theme of inevitability. There was no way they could be kept apart, metaphorically or literally.

Cher, “The Winner Takes It All”

Cher’s ABBA cover album Dancing Queen is vital and important–an anthemic, euphoric, and unabashedly camp escape that is direly needed in 2018 (especially after a day when the political party in power made a fool of themselves in the US Senate). But the highlight is her dramatic and club-pleasing take on “The Winner Takes It All”. The production is more pulsing and slightly cheaper in the best way, without losing any of the original’s theatrics, and Cher simply soars amidst all of the melodrama, whether she’s covered in vocoder or letting her rich vocals shine as is. Cher wins, and she deserves to take it all.


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