Born X Raised Blue Crew Goes Live

A collection dedicated to Los Angeles is out now.

Born X Raised’s newest collection, “Blue Crew,” has just dropped. Boasting caps, t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweatshirts, this collection’s pieces are described by the brand as “New Era.”

Created in 2013 by founders Spanto and 2tone, Born X Raised is about preserving the legacy and identities of Los Angeles. Pronounced “Born and Raised,” the brand has used its designs to make a name for itself through clothing, events, prints, and films.

Spanto says that this collection is dedicated to Los Angeles, a city that he says “bleeds blue.” The inspiration for “Blue Crew” came from aspects of being born and raised in Los Angeles, and each photo featured in the collection was curated entirely by individuals born and raised in the city.

Prices for Born X Raised “Blue Crew” range from $37 to $160, and are available on the Born X Raised website.

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