Looking towards the future, literally and metaphorically, BOSS revisited its heritage with their collection “CorpCore.” Although the show was presented in Milan, the Italian brand saw the venue transformed into BOSS Techtopia, where game-changing technologies favored a more positive outlook on tomorrow. The venue was an ephemeral workplace that exuded peace and calmness, while showcasing Sophia, one of the most advanced robots on the planet. 

Created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, Sophia served as a bouncer of sorts sitting at a desk at the entrance of the BOSS runway, interacting with guests, with the ability to recognize faces, hand gestures, and human emotional expression. Guests were then taken through tunnels with life-sized holograms leading to a screen-filled lobby. The runway featured six-themed rooms, like the HarmoniTech Space where there was peace and calm, or the Brainstorm Room, where ‘employees’ wore light-therapy headphones. 

Courtesy of BOSS

BOSS welcomed an all-star cast to walk the show, from Gigi Hadid to Jay Alvarrez, Ashley Graham, and Paulo André de Oliveira, to name a few. They were joined by BOSS brand ambassadors Lee Minho, Anthony Joshua, Alica Schmidt, and Khaby Lame. The collection aimed to celebrate empowerment, confidence, and individuality, the values that drive the brand’s core message, ‘Be Your Own BOSS.’

“CorpCore” breaks traditional office attire and shakes up classic staples in the corporate wardrobe. Deep stilts, boxy cuts, and double-way zips bring intrigue to timeless silhouettes, keeping a clean and crisp look. Oversized blazers, pencil skirts, trench coats, and suits still provided the collection with typical office attire, all the while BOSS lent a contemporary spin. Buttons and zips are removed from their typical placements to create a more sophisticated and tailored look, and muted color palettes tie back to the brand’s corporate identity.

The collection showcased the tailoring expertise BOSS is known for, all the while incorporating contemporary takes on business attire with B-monograms. 

Fun and lighthearted tones were at play with the accessories, referencing office objects like paper clips, pens, and folders reworked in unexpected ways. Briefcases completed some looks where the numerical locks lent a nice finishing statement.

Through their forward-looking workplace including lush green office spaces and robot secretaries, and their cutting-edge and contemporary office workwear, BOSS encourages everyone to welcome the future with optimism and complete tranquility.

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