BOSS X AJBXNG FALL/WINTER 2020 Capsule Collection

The boxer and BOSS create a winning color combination and collection.

Building off their strong partnership, it is with excitement that world-renowned boxer, Anthony Joshua has launched an exclusive collection with BOSS for Fall/Winter 2020. Joshua, who already has his own successful label, AJBXNG, has co-created the capsule known as BOSS X AJBXNG, available for purchase now.

VMAN enjoys that the aesthetics of both the brands and the boxer are noticeable in the designs and choice of color combination for this capsule. The midnight blue and gold representing the elegance of BOSS and in Joshua’s eyes is, “The color that represents a win.” 

Furthermore, BOSS X AJBXNG is full of easy-wear pieces including T-shirts, sweatshirts, jersey pants, knits, and a hooded jacket that also works to create a streamlined silhouette. And not only does each garment feature a curved interpretation of the iconic BOSS logo in gold but, includes a woven label with motivational words from the athlete. As one puts on the clothes it reads, “One more hour, one more day. Never let success get to your head or failure to your heart.” A great reminder to manifest a successful day but remain humble at the end of it. Concluding, Joshua says, “The subtlety is what I like about BOSS.” 

Browse the cozy exclusive collection below and click here to learn more.

Courtesy of BOSS.


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