Bottega Veneta Donates to Scientific Research to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

€300,000 will go straight to specialists to fight the pandemic

Funding for two-year scholarships across Italy, Bottega Veneta will donate €300,000 to scientific research to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The money will contribute to research while supporting Italian medical staff, both from the current pandemic and beyond. 

Chief Executive Officer, Leo Rongone stated, “Medical researchers, constantly engaged in the study of new treatments and vaccines, make our country so proud. They are a resource of extraordinary value for humanity as a whole. It is for this reason, we at Bottega Veneta feel a duty to support those on the front line, contributing to the advancement of research.”

The contribution will fund a two-year extension for an employed pneumology researcher and two respective scholarships at the Virology Laboratory of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome. 

Daniel Lee, the brand’s creative director added, “We recognise that supporting the medical professionals who are saving the lives of others must be our priority during this time, which includes those working tirelessly to tackle the devastating impact of COVID-19 and its enduring effects, through scientific research. With these scholarships, we are able to contribute to securing the future of our global health by supporting their admirable and courageous work.” 

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