Bottega Veneta Salon 02 Collection Launches

This launch has us embracing the changing of the seasons.

Bottega Veneta is launching their Salon 02 collection globally this weekend, allowing the playful pieces with a Bottega edge to make their seasonal debut. Presented in Berlin back in April, this Fall/Winter collection launches at the perfect time for us to clear out our closets. Creative Director Daniel Lee has taken a different — yet successful — social approach with Bottega as of lately, clearing the brand of their socials and instead hosting private showings with star-studded guest lists both in the audience and on stage.

The ready-to-wear collection includes pieces with cartoon-like proportions, “peek-a-boo” slits and silhouettes and inflatable styles that scream Bottega Veneta. With structures like these, the Italian fashion house is hard to replicate.

A gorgeous color palette of deep plums, bright teals and fiery reds and oranges compose the collection, adding pops of color here and there among the neutral hues and shimmers.

A play on texture also allows the collection to practice with different mediums, featuring cashmere with a specially engineered elastic yarn for stretch, leather that has been developed to look like well-worn patent latex and ostrich feathers hand-dyed and hand embroidered into clothing.


The details in the collection give us an exclusive look as to what goes on behind the scenes when designing the pieces. Extensive stitches and weaves are featured alongside intricate glass embroidery, hand-blown glass dresses are entirely made of glass and inflated material is crocheted together, meant to represent an inflated balloon.

If the outlandish isn’t your thing, have no fear, for Bottega also steps out with staple pieces that could last in your wardrobe for a lifetime. Elegant blazers and trench coats of all materials are sure to make a statement in the streets with little-to-no effort.

Bottega Veneta’s collections are always going to be the talk of the town or the life of the party, and with this most recent collection launching, we can’t wait to see the pieces in the wild.

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