Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2020

Daniel Lee takes the throne.

Daniel Lee garnered all the attention at Milan Fashion Week on Thursday as he sent his latest set of high-fashion designs down the Bottega Veneta runway. Having taken on the role of creative director at the Italian fashion house just last June, Lee established his personal touch of craftsmanship with this latest collection for the label. “Spring 2020 evolves the codes we are building at Bottega Veneta,” Lee explained in a statement. “Our focus is on process and clarity; immediate and direct.” With a clear methodology at the forefront of Lee’s focus, the intricacy of his artistic visions certainly came to fruition.

Utilizing refined techniques of disruptive weaving and tactile knotting, Lee juxtaposes classicism and modernism with contemporary silhouettes, resulting in a collection of timeless elegance. The Bottega range cuts through the tension with ease and plays with the standards of proportion in a balance of color. Tones of black, chocolate brown, gold, tapioca, orange, and blue underscore the attitude of rich beauty in each ensemble. A number of glimmering dresses starkly contrast dark leather jackets, while neutral accessories complement monochromatic jumpsuits. Opulent necklaces make an essential distinction against the soft structure of plunging necks and companionate skirts. Lee’s attention to detail becomes evident as each model steps out in their completed Bottega Veneta apparatus, and his meticulous efforts surely reign supreme. 

A warm and desirable array, the Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2020 collection encapsulates the ambient essence of the label’s existence. In regards to the mission of the luxury Italian brand, Lee explained, “Bottega Veneta is about the individual, it’s for you.” Showcasing an expansive range of carefully-crafted, versatile pieces, Daniel Lee is certainly going above and beyond to cater to the individual.

See shots from the runway in the slideshow below.


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