Bottega Veneta Stages Cultural Exchange with The Square Dubai

The Italian luxury brand journeyed to Dubai for three nights full of cuisine, poetry, storytelling, and more.

Under the fresh creative direction of Mathieu Blazy, Bottega Veneta voyaged to Dubai for a three night event dubbed ‘The Square Dubai.’ Inspired by the Arabic term ‘majlis’—denoting gathering and togetherness—the multi-day event consisted of poetry, storytelling, cuisine, music, and plenty more.

Designed by Lebanese architect and musician Carl Gerges, the event space boasted Bottega Veneta’s signature green hue in the form of lush seating and minimal decor. From April 12 to 14, the likes of Shaima Al Tamimi (Yemeni East-African visual story-teller), Asma Al Badawi (Sudanese-British spoken-word poet), ‘Mustafa the Poet’ (Canadian poet and songwriter), and Samer Doumet (Lebanese singer, songwriter and music editor) offered their talents and cultural experiences against the backdrop of Bottega Veneta’s rich heritage.

Asma Elbadawi
Carl Gerges

Unlike a merchandise-driven pop-up space, The Square Dubai put forth an interesting dialogue on the intersection of the arts, fashion, music, and global communities. Now, Bottega Veneta plans to continue The Square series with cultural exchanges set to take place in Tokyo, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

Samer Doumet
Mustafa The Poet
Shaima Al Tamimi
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