Boys World Enters New Era with Summer Anthem “So What”

Dubbed the “Gen-Z Spice Girls,” breakout girl group Boys World brings a vivacious attitude to the dance-pop tune of the summer.

Ever since the formation of the LA-based, female-pop group known as Boys World, the group has taken the world by storm with their upbeat tunes and incomparable chemistry. With the release of their newest single and music video for “SO WHAT,” the girls set the tone for the summer with a nostalgia-laden tune accompanied by diva-rivaling vocal runs.

After a year of honing their skills including writing, learning new instruments, and producing their own vocals, “SO WHAT” marks the group’s shift into a more mature era defined by stories of self-acceptance, and empowerment. The “Boys” in Boys World stands for best of yourself after all. 

While the majority of their discography highlights independence, the new single chronicles heartbreak at a breakneck tempo with sassy lyrics like, “Yea you mad, and yea that’s fine, but that seems like, that’s your problem, it’s not mine” and “Keep your number, baby / I’m not tryna save it.” Dedicated to all the exes and anyone else who might underestimate them, “SO WHAT” is just the beginning of a new era. 

The colorful and choreography-heavy music video for the new single follows the girls just unapologetically being themselves and doing what they love the most—dancing with their best friends. Led by female powerhouse creatives, Director Alexandra Gavillet and Director of Photography Tamara Santos further echo the band’s girl-boss attitude.

Comprised of Queenie Mae (21), Makhyli Simpson (19), Lillian Kay (20), Olivia Ruby (21), and Elana Caceres (19), Boys World is carving their path to stardom between unparalleled pop bops and Pinterest-worthy outfits. The rising girl group will also make their festival debut at NickFest in October 2022 alongside headliner Kid Laroi.

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