Brandon Maxwell Fall 2023 RTW is Nailing The Ultimate Fall Attire

Brandon Maxwell becomes a full-on minimalist for this collection and narrowed in on creating a quintessential wardrobe of classic fall elements.

Brandon Maxwell typically presents a more colorful palette with various prints that leave audiences visually satisfied. A usual fresh palette with free-flowing dresses or looking back on Maxwell’s camp-driven acrylic hat case bag from spring 2019. The designer always seems to aim to fulfill women’s desires from day to evening wear. This time around Maxwell‘s focal point was perfecting a fall wardrobe, and in my opinion, he did just that while sticking to the basics and adding his style.

Image Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell

Maxwell’s most subdued collection sticks to traditional fall and winter colors with black, white, gray, nude, and a slight pop of auburn. Denim makes an appearance here as a juxtaposition look that elevates denim shorts but also is relaxed. A key element to mention in this collection is the designer’s inclusion of jorts which have been continuously trending for both men’s and womenswear dating back to the classic ‘80s high-waisted shorts to the ever so long slightly cut-off jorts in the ‘90s. Maxwell emphasizes this trend for elegant and flexible evening wear.

A design choice for the jorts that I particularly liked is the wide fold giving the illusion that you efficiently folded up your pants for a more comforted and breezy feel on the go. The oversized jorts do not have a feminine cut–like you stole your boyfriend’s bottoms out of emergency but made the outfit look better than he ever could. 

Image Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell

The collection includes your go-to fall textiles with a generous use of leather with zippered knitwear that is cozy yet sexy while remaining covered in the cold. A very functional and wearable collection that includes pieces that are versatile and can be styled for any season if done with a good eye.

For a fall collection, of course, we want to see strong outerwear and Maxwell includes neutral lightweight and heavy jackets and trenches to throw over in the fall and winter–you will catch New Yorkers in the winter wearing their signature coats as the collection has a line up that will grab the attention of minimalists.

Image Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell

Unlike previous collections, this season there are very few embellishments as one mentionable look is a wool gray coat with strategically embellished jewels with matching earrings; a statement piece that is also composed and modest. The accessories are styled tastefully as the earrings, rings, and bracelets are consistent with the jeweled embellishments. The thick bangles are seen on almost every look as they fly under the radar but subconsciously are the finishing touch. 

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