Bree Runway Is about to Be Your New Obsession

UK Rap artist and singer Bree Runway collaborates with Brooke Candy on her latest record ‘Big Racks’

The London native has been hustling hard to make it big in the music industry. In a few short years Bree Runway has gained a devoted fan base, performed in front of Michelle Obama and with Years and Years at Sink The Pink’s Summer Drag Fest, Mighty Hoopla. Runway is also besties with Victoria Secret Model Leomie Anderson.

In her latest track Runway collaborates with Rapper Brooke Candy. For the video Runway takes on racism in the corporate world in the pursuit of equality and success. As she captioned a recent video announcement on Instagram, “Every day we are told that we could be better, prettier, brighter – as if there’s something wrong with us in the first place? When I was younger, I couldn’t hack the amount of shade thrown at my skin tone from the playgrounds, to the boys at the bus stops after school that were equally as black to every TV show, every music video, every movie that insinuated MY black was not beautiful. […] I’ve learnt to embrace every single quirk of mine, I’ve accepted I’m unique, I am a flamingo in a world full of pigeons.”

The video sees Runway turning looks in every scene, from rocking eye glitter to wigs and a double-breasted dress suit. Candy delivers a spoken-word verse dressed in a fetish look that includes face jewellery and pigtails.

You can check out the video for ‘Big Racks’ by Bree Runway below.

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