Meet Breelayne, The Designer With a Fresh Take on Eco-Friendly Fashion

Meet Breelayne, The Designer With a Fresh Take on Eco-Friendly Fashion

Meet Breelayne, The Designer With a Fresh Take on Eco-Friendly Fashion

Get to know the designer behind her sustainable luxury line.

Get to know the designer behind her sustainable luxury line.

Text: Danielle Combs

Breelayne, the designer of her eponymous fashion label, houses her profoundly beautiful designs in a brightly lit studio in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The airiness breathes life and energy into her sustainable and eco-friendly designs, which seek to empower women through the way they dress. As it stands, the fashion industry is a high octane fueled machine that continues to leave a colossal carbon footprint by pumping out clothes through inefficient production processes that waste energy. Those garments are then transported overseas, burning fossil fuels as they go, and millions of unused textiles end up being thrown away.

Breelayne realizes the importance of keeping our environment safe and is determined to make fashion sustainable and still beautiful to wear. Her innovative approach to designing sustainable luxury clothes is front and center as she takes bold strides to change the environment and the face of fashion. V sat down with Breelayne to discuss her impact as a designer and how she hopes to improve the industry.

When did you know you wanted to become a fashion designer?

Breelayne: I don’t know if there was a specific moment in time, but my parents will say that since I was born I was playing dress-up in my mom’s closet, learning to walk in her heels with a pencil and sketchpad in hand.

What led you to become a sustainable fashion designer?

Breelayne: For me it was always a given considering fashion and acting has always been my two loves. I studied [both] from a very young age and started working in both fields from around age 10. I eventually decided that Pratt was the school I wanted to attend. While studying, I worked for a few different companies, and after a short period in New York, I decided it wasn’t for me and came home to Los Angeles to focus on starting my own line.

How did school as well as being self-taught shape your perspective and allow you to grow as a designer?

Breelayne: I like to learn techniques from others and observe their perspectives, but ultimately I end up finding my own path every time. I’m happy to say that I’m doing something nobody else is. Breelayne is the first clothing brand focused exclusively on sustainable luxury. In a broader sense, I think the lessons I’ve learned from personal hardships really play into my story and even where I’m going next.

It’s rare to find a designer who is eco-friendly and also makes astonishingly beautiful clothes. What led you to become eco-friendly and how did that influence your design process?

Breelayne: I’ve always been a nature lover. I’m somewhat of a hippie, so there was no question about whether my brand would incorporate environmentally conscious practices. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t start a brand if it couldn’t have a sustainable focus. People will often look at my brand and have no idea that it’s sustainable because they associate that with a certain category of fabrications that are not considered luxury. Sustainability is so much more than a choice of material. We use dead-stock designer materials, so we are never producing a fabric from scratch and nothing goes to waste.

As an eco-friendly designer, describe the process behind sourcing materials to make your collections.

Breelayne: I investigate hundreds of thousands of fabrics a year. I swatch at local fabric stores, and I also know what types of fabrications I’m looking for. Everything I choose is top quality, 100 percent wearable, and often season-less.

Through your designs, what are you hoping to achieve with each finished product?

Breelayne: I would say there are two things. One is to empower women to be their most authentic selves and the other is to make a difference on the sustainable front by helping to counter the industry norms.

Your SS18 collection was just unveiled and each garment has a couture feel to it. What was the message or story behind the development and evolution of your collection?

Breelayne: My fall collection was very much about tapping into a part of myself to unleash the quirky, flirtatious, and yet relaxed Californian feel. This collection was also about honoring my own idiosyncrasies and paying homage to the countless women I’m always inspired by.

Who is the type of girl you envision wearing your clothes?

Breelayne: Our girl is a chameleon. She is advocating for women's rights and our environment, and she can be found going to a red carpet, charity event or a family dinner. I put a lot of effort into making sustainable luxury into a philosophy that is appropriate for everyone.



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