“Bridgerton’s” London Ton Coming Back to Netflix for a Second Season

Lady Whistledown predicts that Lord Anthony might get more screen time this go around

Fans of the London ton can rejoice, a new season of debutantes is in store. And with that, we mean a new season of Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” the period drama based on the novels by Julia Quinn.

After coming out this past Christmas and creating a huge stir on the streaming platform, Netflix and Shondaland announced that the show had been renewed for a second season. Although, fans might have to wait for a while, because filming is reportedly not set to begin till Spring of 2021.

According to a charming letter from Lady Whistledown herself, the second season will more prominently feature Lord Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey. Anthony is lead character Daphne’s older brother, the one who most vehemently opposed her marriage to his best friend, the Duke of Hastings, and who inspired general ire with his philandering ways and overprotective brotherly behavior.

However, several fans of the novels have taken to twitter to rejoice over the announcement, especially because of the arrival of a “Kate Sheffield.” While a mystery to fans of the show alone, Kate is a character from the novels who has a tempestuous relationship with Anthony as he is on the search for a bride (finally) and a big fan favorite.

The Viscount is sure to be pleased. 

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