Brock Collection Fall 2019 is Feminine at its Most Powerful

This collection is undeniably luxurious, with just a hint of Victorian influence.

Brock Collection Fall 2019 served Charlotte York fantasies. The collection is dripping with decadent feminine details—bows, cinched silhouettes, and even a few Victorian elements such as corset bodices and over-the-top collars. The collection is arguably nostalgic for an era where ladies really did lunch, from the tweed suit sets down to the ruffled floral and satin gowns. For their Fall 2019 show, design duo Kristopher and Laura Brock expanded upon the elements they explored in the Pre-Fall collection—antique floral prints, bustier bodices, and an editorial yet red carpet-ready feel that has Emily Ratajkowski and Elle Fanning constantly coming back for more come awards season.

Though the show heavily features classically feminine elements, it is undeniably powerful in its styling and execution. With many a matching shoe on the runway, the Brock Collection woman is styled to perfection, enviably luxe, and can easily transition from the board room to the Met Gala. Truly, what more could one ask for from a Fall Ready-to-Wear collection?

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