Bronx And Banco Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Reaches For The Sky

Diamonds and metals light up the runway over the Manhattan skyline

Fashion designer Natalie De’banco fled high in the sky to showcase her Fall/Winter 2023 Bronx and Banco collection. Set in the newly opened Nubeluz Rooftop, a lightbox in the sky, the show gathered guests to oversee the Manhattan skyline, while models walked down the runway in Olympus-like clothing.

As the name of the collection “La Boheme” states, the Bronx and Banco woman has chosen a life of freedom. She is nonconformist and willing to put rules aside to find pleasure and satisfaction. The 28-piece collection speaks to every woman’s inner diva. Designer De’banco was able to bring beauty and strength together, reaching a kind of lavishness that allows women’s desires to be seen.

 Each piece is a unique exploration of diamonds, metals, and beautifully draped fabrications. Shimmering fringed skirts take possession of the show, fluttering as models walk down the runway; butterfly-like embroideries made of gleaming diamonds turn models into sensual fairies; golden chains and fishnet-like metallic fabrics design a cosmos of women warriors.

This season, Bronx and Banco seem to not only send out a message of freedom but also to depict a world where women hold full decision-power over their lives. In conversation with V, designer Natalie De’banco described the Bronx and Banco woman as “an artist and a nomad. She does whatever she wants and wears whatever she likes.” The hope is that her story will help women to do the same. “Just be you,” De’banco adds when asked about the significance of her collection. “Don’t be scared and push the boundaries.”

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