Brooke Candy’s “Drip” Brings New Meaning to Catwalk


Ahead of Brooke Candy’s impending release, SEXORCISM, her newest single almost lets the cat out of the bag. “Drip,” featuring Real Housewives‘ Erika Jayne, is an ice-cold anthem to sexual prowess. Candy continues her penchant for explicit lyrics and reference-laden innuendo (“Post Malone pussy, pussy like a rockstar” is a favorite), backed against a stripped-down hip-hop beat. The video begins with Candy opening a can of cat food labeled Pussy Drip, then getting frisky with Jayne in leather cat masks.

Candy is known for taking hip-hop machismo and reinterpreting it to fit female sexual agency, and “Drip” is no exception. In a world where many feel uncomfortable hearing the word “vagina,” Candy has no issue repeating “pussy” in her choruses. Whether she’s playing with real-life felines or seductively bathing in milk, the hip-hop renegade has a flair for dismantling the taboo. Recently, “Drip” premiered at New York Fashion Week on the VFiles Runway at Barclays Center, electrifying the crowd. With this much momentum, SEXORCISM is sure to be an out-of-body experience.

Watch “Drip” (feat. Erika Jayne) below:

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