Italian brand Buccellati presented its new ‘Mosaico’ jewelry collection during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. The collection consists of more than 50 pieces—ranging from bracelets to brooches, band rings to bib necklaces.

Courtesy of Buccellati

The collection used typical pieces created by founder Mario Buccellati in the 1920s and reimagined them with modern shapes and repetitive patterns. Inspired by Byzantine-era glass paste tesserae, the pieces often feature pavé diamonds and colored gems, arranged in mosaic patterns that show off the masterful goldsmithing tradition of the brand since its inception in 1919.

“I thought of resuming the exercise that was my father’s, and before that my grandfather’s, of looking at the great works of the past that could provide a strong inspiration,” shared Creative Director Andrea Buccellati. “And Byzantine mosaics have been a great help to me: the golden backgrounds, the geometric decorations that are never taken for granted, the stylization, the colours and that particular light that permeates the surface and abstracts it. It is a continuous magic.”

Andrea kept many techniques and features from the original pieces—from a chaining technique the brand has used since the 1920s that provides a greater sense of flexibility and lightness to the pieces, to the intricate and colorful geometric patterns which the brand has used for decades to create elegant and extravagant pieces. All in all, the collection is both modern refinement and ancient opulence, with pieces that are works of art in addition to wearable looks.

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