Bud Light Asks Fans Which Post Malone Commercial to Air During the Super Bowl

Take your pick!

This year, Bud Light is leaving it up to the beer-drinking Post Malone fans to decide which of their two Super Bowl commercials to air during the live game this Sunday. In a clever marketing twist, the all-American brand unveiled #PostyStore and #PostyBar, two comical commercials featuring the Grammy-winning Bud Light fan himself, and they’ve taken to social media to find out which storyline sells best. 

Starting this morning through Thursday, January 30, fans can visit Bud Light’s social platforms to view both commercials and share their input to help the American megabrand decide which to use. Impassioned voters will have to tune into the Super Bowl to discover the winning advertisement. 

“It feels cool to be in a Bud Light commercial, especially a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial, which is a huge deal,” said Post Malone. “I just love the taste and the camaraderie. So it’s a real honor and blessing for me to be able to be a part of such a big moment.”

Both advertisements take you into the psyche of the “Better Now” vocalist. In the #PostyStore video, Malone enters a convenience store and faces a troubling predicament: does he choose to buy his go-to drink Bud Light or the new Bud Light Seltzer? After weighing the pros and cons, the chart-topping singer remembers that he’s rich and ends up buying both. In the #PostyBar commercial, Malone walks into a bar and discovers the brand’s new Bud Light Seltzer Mango. Drawn in by curiosity and his love for the brand, the singer evaluates all facets of the new drink and ultimately gives his nod of approval in the end.

“We are so fortunate to have two great Super Bowl spots this year, but only have room for one. We love this year’s Super Bowl campaign because not only does it feature our brand’s biggest fan, Post Malone, but we’re also giving people a chance to help us choose which spot to air,” said Andy Goeler, VP of Marketing for Bud Light. 

Below, view each of the Bud Light commercials and share your thoughts with Bud Light before this weekend!


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