Forget the iconic raincoats for a second. Burberry has fully embraced the longer and warmer days and released a debut swimwear campaign. You heard that right–Daniel Lee is set to establish the brand in the swimming scene and populate the shores this summer. From swimwear to shorts, to robes and beach totes, the British luxury brand takes on new forms for a never-before-seen configuration.

Courtesy of Burberry

The emblematic Burberry Check, first used in the raincoats starting in the 1920s, takes center stage across the collection. The house code echos on bikinis, beach towels, totes, and even on the straps of two-piece bathing suits. It feels as if  British style and craftsmanship have embarked on a creative getaway–a true escape toward unexplored territories. 

Courtesy of Burberry

Yet the House’s history, with its symbolic heritage, remains as a tail light to indicate the path to follow and to offer reassurance at sunset. To capture the launching of the campaign and celebrate Lee’s new challenge, photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon framed the occasion on film. The video comes with an original score by Vegyn and spoken word contribution by Covco.

Watch the full video below:

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