Business-Owner-Turned-Influencer Michelle Madonna on the Evolution of the Instagram Influencer 

From flower crowns to fully-fledged influencer

In today’s world, a big part, if not the majority of our culture exists online. With social media largely functioning as a gauge for what’s going on in the world, celebrities, athletes, and political figures are now no longer the only ones with influence. Thanks to social media, we now have the age of the influencer. Typically categorized as real, down-to-earth, relatable figures who share their lives, tips, and advice with followers, influencers have become the go-to for many social media users when seeking inspiration, advice, information, ideas, and more. One up-and-coming business owner turned influencer got her start nearly 10 years ago at the dawn of the Instagram era when the mega social media titan was just launching. Introducing Michelle Madonna.

After establishing a women’s accessories company in 2011 called Flower Children Only, Madonna was one of the first to use Instagram as a platform to share her business. Thanks to the relevance and shareability in her products, Flower Children Only quickly rose to popularity among celebrities like Paris Hilton, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Gigi Hadid. Acquiring a strong following base, after almost 10 years, Madonna used her Instagram platform to transition into a full-time career as an influencer/content creator.


Today, the influencer boasts more than 261K followers on Instagram where she shares fashion tips, outfit ideas, and realistic try-on’s for girls with similar body types. As a Latina, Madonna additionally hoped that her content would reach other minorities that seek fashion inspiration on how to dress and style based on their body types and ethnic background. Still, Madonna’s content remains relatable to more than just minorities. Sharing her looks for different seasons and occasions as well as her travel chronicles and brand partnership collaborations, the influencer has managed to land opportunities to work with brands like Delta Airlines, Lexus USA, UGG, The Bachelor on ABC, and Zappos.


“When I started my business, Instagram was a different place,” Madonna says. “But what I love about it is how it continues to evolve with what’s going on in life. I look at my fashion from then and see how my style has evolved too and I love that I get to share that with my followers.”

While social media influencers have only come about in the last decade or so, they are quickly becoming recognized for, well, their significant influence as they represent current culture in a nutshell. As social media continues to grow, Madonna looks forward to continuing to grow right along with it, eager to explore and try new ideas for content creation. To keep up with Michelle Madonna, follow her on Instagram.

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