Businessman Anthony Agyeman Gets Candid About His E-commerce Venture, Success, Pandemic & More

Success explained simply.

Anthony Agyeman has established himself as a successful business in the eCommerce world. When he started his venture, he focused only on its growth and providing good services. All this helped him make a great profit and bring his business to the top.

In an interview, Anthony Agyeman has shared everything related to the business, how he functions, and what are the important things one should keep in mind.

What drove your interest in e-commerce?

So I started e-commerce back in 2016, and created a clothing company with one of my past friends. The reason why I wanted to create the clothing company is that I knew that the world every day is continuously moving online and that it’s becoming more click-click order and less brick and mortar. Another reason is that I wanted to be my own boss and work on my own dreams and not someone else’s and with the internet, it is the equal playing field for any and everyone.

Business is a competitive field. How did you prepare yourself to face any challenges that come your way?

There are many ways to prepare yourself. Mentally, I prepare myself by making sure I have a good positive mindset all the time. Sometimes there will be points in your business that you feel like quitting and you feel like it’s just not moving in the correct direction you want it to but you have to have a good positive mindset.

Some other ways I prepare myself is learning from others, you know we don’t know everything and especially with business if you are just starting out, you won’t know everything so the best thing to do is to learn from other people so you can be able to stand on the shoulders of people who have already done it as trial is costly and error is deadly.

From the beginning till now, what kind of growth has your business shown? Are you happy with it?

Since I started my business till now the growth I have experienced has been tremendous and the reason why I believe my business has grown so much and so fast is just that I have little to no overhead. Many businesses have so many expenses that they have to pay and then they can be profitable but with e-Commerce, the only thing you really have to pay for is advertising and then the cost of the product.

And if you know how to do advertising correctly you will be able to get a lot of customers and then with the power of the internet and follow-ups you can even have that customer buy from you multiple times.

What is your strategy to appeal to the clients/customers?

The best strategy to appeal to potential customers is just to have an excellent product as I believe a good product will easily sell itself and once it sells, the people who get it will tell their friends and family about the product and then they will be walking advertising for you and your company. We all know a word of mouth sales convert way much more than online sales since the people telling them about the product are people they know and trust.

What strategies should businesspeople adapt to in order to sustain themselves amid the pandemic according to you? How do you think it will change the scenario of business in the world?

The main thing I have been telling everyone is that they need to adapt immediately online if they are not online already. This is the equal playing field for everyone and as long as you have a great product and know how to put it in front of customers who would like your product it won’t be hard at all to grow on the internet and hit six figures profitably within a year.

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