Bvlgari Just Launched Its Extravagant 'Barocko' Collection

Bvlgari Just Launched Its Extravagant 'Barocko' Collection


Bvlgari Just Launched Its Extravagant 'Barocko' Collection

The luxury brand finds inspiration in its native Roman roots.

The luxury brand finds inspiration in its native Roman roots.

Text: Mili Godio

While the world is still in a very strange, dark place, it can be increasingly difficult to indulge in an aesthetically pleasing pastime, like perusing through art galleries or traveling to historic sites. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the celebration of history and beauty needs to stop there - at least not for Italian luxury brand Bvlgari. Its latest jewelry line, Barocko, transports us back into a more grandiose time, filled with vibrant colors and expressions of intense extravagance that adapt well to haute joaillerie.

The line is inspired by Rome's Baroque style of the 17th and 18th centuries, known for its ornate detail and bold ornamentation in typical aspects of life, including architecture, music, and art. Paired with Bvlgari's daring and innovative spirit, the Barocko collection incites a much-needed sense of joy and appreciation for both contemporary and historical beauty.

The collection features vibrant hues of pinks, blues, greens, and more, along with stunning detail and fanciful shapes. The creations play with light and shadow, welcoming a sense of tension and movement that was at the very core of the Baroque style.

Bvlgari says that the collection embraces "eccentricity and sophistication in a perfect balance of flamboyancy and timeless refinement."

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The rare precious gems within the Barocko collection were unearthed from all over the world by the brand's creative director Lucia Silvestri and forged by skilled artisans in Rome to satisfy the extravagant Bvlgari style. The gems suit the architectural signatures of Boroque, including curved and wavy elements, while finding a swift balance between excess and essentiality.

Some of the collection's most standout pieces include the "Cabochon Exhuberance" necklace, unique and daring with vibrant tones, the "Rubery Drapery" ring, which exquisitely molds white gold, diamonds, and rubies into an elegant design, and the "Sapphire Lace" necklace, an eye-catching, feminine work of art that drapes beautifully on the neck.

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Credits: Photos courtesy of Bvlgari


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