C2C Festival Teams Up with Marcelo Burlon to Make a Difference

C2C Festival X Fundación Marcelo Burlon just released a film version of their event to watch online.

The world has been craving live music over the past year and a half. The C2C (Club to Club) Festival in Europe delivered something close last Monday, by releasing a filmed version of one of their in person events.

C2C was started in Turin in the early 2000’s , with the aim of creating high quality avant-garde shows and building a community that shares their vision. They offered a stream to the event for prices starting at €3 as a recommended donation. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Casa Marcella, a shelter for trans and non-binary people who are victims of discrimination. The in person event itself was limited to forty people.

Image courtesy of C2C

This year C2C teamed up with Fondazione Marcelo Burlon, a non-profit started by its namesake Marcelo Burlon, an Italian designer. It pursues social and cultural objectives. The foundation organizes music and other artistic events like this one to help connect people while supporting the arts. The organization also advocates for civil rights and social issues along with their work in the arts.

C2C Festival X Fundación Marcelo Burlon Primera Edición took place in Marcelo Burlon’s private villa in Ibiza. Guests were banned from using their phones, and instead receive their own camera at the door to record the event. The event was an hour long on July 15th.

Image courtesy of C2C

Headliner ARCA (Alejandra Ghersi), a Venezuelan experimental artist and performer, wore a long sleeved yellow dress and was surrounded by sculptures and art instillations. Her performance is often intermixed with the work of other DJs. She has previously worked with artists such as Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Björk who attended the event.

The movie was directed by Weirdcore, a London-based creator known for their work with Aphex Twin. The film splits the screen in several sections and has an overall gritty feel to it.

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