Café Forgot Heads Uptown for their Pop-up at Nordstrom

The downtown eclectic boutique has been tapped by Nordstrom SPACE for a shop-in-shop

If you’re familiar with the Lower East Side, you’re definitely familiar with Café Forgot. If you’re not familiar? Well then Nordstrom has some good news for you. In their ongoing initiative to lift up emerging designers, Nordstrom SPACE has invited Café Forgot to create a pop-up in their flagship store on 57th Street. The shop-in-shop is an immersive shopping experience, with installation design by ANY, the architecture studio that is responsible for the design of Café Forgot’s downtown store.

Café Forgot was founded in 2017 by Vita Haas and Lucy Weisner as an experimental boutique specializing in underground avant-garde designs. Located on Ludlow Street, the store has become a mecca for young fashion-obsessives to purchase often one-of-a-kind pieces. Haas and Weisner were at the forefront of a certain wave of individuality in fashion, creating a place for consumers to purchase clothing that looks like nothing else you can find in streetstyle — the kind of clothes that you get stopped in your tracks when someone asks you where you got your top. 

For their space at Nordstrom, the founders of Café Forgot have chosen 19 designers to highlight; Maroske Peech offers a delightful gray scrunched set of capris and a shrug, Kristin Mallison shows off her cult-favorite tapestry corset, and the forBitches staple Bow Bag, just to name a few. In addition to the curation of unique ready-to-wear and accessories, the space at Nordstrom will also offer Café Forgot merch — “Café Forgot” socks are for the girls who get it. 

Nordstrom SPACE has tapped into a downtown goldmine with this collaboration in a true sign of the times. Café Forgot speaks not only to the in-crowd of New York, but to the general desire for more intimately-crafted and niche sources for their wardrobes. 

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