Caia Koopman Teams Up With Trust Me Vodka To Change Narrative On Mythical Art

The new version of sip and paint.

What is the source of inspiration for creative people? Some find it in every minute detail of everyday things surrounding them; some need a broader picture, a vibrant electrifying atmosphere, action. For others, it is the eternal duality of human nature—a theme for artists throughout centuries. The duality has become even more expressed nowadays when technology has become an organic part of our lives. Modern artists—like their predecessors—find inspiration in this challenging theme. Duality manifests itself in the broader perspective: strength and vulnerability, life and death—the list may go on.

Caia Koopman, a visionary pop surrealist based in Santa Cruz, CA, has it all. She embarked on her artistic quest in the ‘80s when she embraced both the vibrant life around her and, later, the duality of nature. Caia does it with the power of her unique talent and artistic personality. She grew up being part of the punk-rock culture as a college student and an avid skateboarder; she also got her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California in Santa Cruz, a youthful, vibrant little town swarming with college students. The skateboarding subculture greatly influenced her and became the source of inspiration in her early creations. The appealing symbols in her work evoke fundamental human emotions in exquisite, surreal detail. Her prior art received a warm welcome in the action sports industry and the fine art world. Signature series Oakley sunglasses are adorned with her designs, while her illustrations grace designer Rossignol snowboards and skis. Her artistic career began with creating designs for skateboards and snowboards.

As she matured as an artist and received wider acclaim, her surrealist pictures started to attract the attention of galleries from California to Canada and France. Thinkspace, Spacejunk, and La Luz De Jesus Galleries are blessed to have Caia’s pictures. Numerous books and magazines carry her illustrations. Birds, flowers, plants, butterflies, animals, and mythical creatures are interlaced with iconic symbols of love, mystery, soul searching, and timeless values. Caia’s artwork is exhibited at Corey Helford Gallery in LA as part of the gallery’s 15th-anniversary show. Caia also partners with Trust Me Vodka, the ultra-premium vodka manufacturer; her artwork is present on its limited series bottles that can be purchased online by visiting Trust Me Vodka website or in stores where available.

The seemingly contrary ideas and emotions reflect the delicate balance we maintain: technology coexisting with nature, vulnerability accompanied by strength. These fundamental aspects of human existence amongst the elements of modern life, embodied in gorgeous imagery, are the core of Koopman’s masterpieces.

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