Calvin Klein Amplifies Young Voices of the Generation in New Campaign

The brand highlights 11 young adults across America in their hometown environments, showing us that the future is now.

Across a generation, different voices speak louder than others to unite us toward one future. Calvin Klein captures and amplifies these voices in one future #ckone, the latest brand campaign from the American fashion house.

Ting Tai for #ckone

Youth culture has always been a core pillar of the brand—the energy, the jubilance, and of course, the raw, powerful voices of young people. With one future #ckone, Calvin Klein presents a curated vanguard of eleven young photographers and models shot against the unfiltered landscapes of their hometowns across America. They speak to their experiences—their perspectives, hopes, wishes—and their voices all point in one direction: the future.

Chris Gomez for #ckone

The campaign highlights eleven 18-24 year olds in their natural environments, including Destiny Batista (21) from Brooklyn, Brandon Woody (22) from Baltimore, Toni Bravo (20) from Long Beach, Jace Mitchell (21) from Crowheart, Alex Arauz (20) from NYC, Lex Bautista (22) from El Paso, Chris Gomez (18) from Coral Springs, Jawn Davis (24) from Compton, Ting Tai (21) from Baltimore, Juan Paul Flores Vazquez (21) from El Paso and Quannah Chasinghorse Potts (18) from Fairbanks. All the young voices are dressed in signature #ckone basics, from monogram crew neck tees to the modern cotton bralette.

Quannah Chasinghorse Potts for #ckone

In true dedication to authenticity and amplifying voices from their very roots, the campaign is shot by seven photographers connected to the respective community and location they’ve shot: Adraint Bereal, Brian Adams Elliot Ross, Miranda Barnes, Rose Marie Cromwell, Shan Wallace and Texas Isaiah. 


See the full #ckone campaign and shop the men’s and women’s collections on Calvin Klein’s website here.

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