Calvin Klein and Palace Drop New Campaign

Calvin Klein and Palace Drop New Campaign


Calvin Klein and Palace Drop New Campaign

Starring Willem Defoe and other top stars, Calvin Klein steps into the streetwear world for CK1 Palace. 

Starring Willem Defoe and other top stars, Calvin Klein steps into the streetwear world for CK1 Palace. 

Text: Stevie Rowley

By taking the minimalist mindset from Calvin Klein and merging it with the cheeky modern style of Palace, the brands come together to create a new era. CK1 is the latest collaboration from Calvin Klein and Palace. With a focus on self-expression, inclusivity, and nostalgia, the collection combines both ideals into one. 

Palace imprints its playful graphic aesthetic onto Calvin Klein underwear, denim, tees, and fleece. The collaboration even includes women’s underwear, which is a first for the streetwear brand. Using Calvin Klein’s signature color palette of black, white, gray, white, and quarry, select garments feature a custom logo that mixes Palace’s tri ferg with the Calvin Klein standard logo. It celebrates Palace’s takeover of the brand, and signifies their imprint on the world’s most iconic underwear brand, among other things. 

The collaboration brings in basketball jerseys and baggy shorts to pay homage to the streetwear roots of Palace, and to challenge the sophistication of Calvin Klein. The denim mixes 90s styles with the modern era. Purposefully engineered faded washes pair with modern design elements to create the perfect baggy jean. The collaboration takes on a feature brand to celebrate Palace’s roots in skating culture and Calvin Klein’s American heritage. For the brand’s footwear, Vans creates a limited run of “Calvans.” Printed on the classic Authentic sneaker, a custom combination of the Calvin Klein and Vans logo is displayed all over the shoe. 

For the first time ever, Calvin Klein remixes the classic CK1 fragrance. Sticking to the original clean citrus scent, the new edition makes delicate modifications to embrace Palace’s playful sensibilities. Frosted mandarin, violet leaf, and oak moss come together to create the perfect fresh scent for all to enjoy. 

For the campaign imagery, Palace photographer Alasdair McLellan tells a tale of two cities. Shooting in London and New York, the brands respective birthplaces, the images show a love letter to the global hubs. The campaign features a mix of cultural icons from Willem Defoe and Dame Joan Collins to Lola Leon and Adowa Aboah. Precious Lee, Rapper Unknown T, the Pet Shop Boys, and the Palace Skate Family are featured as well. 

The campaign features a cheeky and irreverent film that shares a chronological narrative showing the dualities of both cities. From the East River to the Thames, the characters stand proud in their identities. They navigate their lives and unexpectedly cross paths to bring a comedic film to the collection.  

The collection drops on April 8th at Palace’s London, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo storefronts. CK1 Palace will be available on the Palace and Calvin Klein websites on April 8th as well.  

Credits: All Images Courtesy of Alasdair McLellan


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