Calvin Klein Inspired Authenticity in Latest #MyCalvins Campaign

The latest campaign has high octane stars and an empowering message

Self expression and vulnerability are at the core of the newest campaign from Calvin Klein. Released today, the iconic #mycalvins campaign has been spruced up with a bit of emotional flavor. The brand has opted for a more meaningful approach, rather than relying only on sex appeal (although it is still there in full force, don’t fret). The slogan “I speak #mytruth in #mycalvins,” encourages us to be authentic in who we are, and to be honest when and where we feel raw emotion and insecurity.

Celebrity culture is pulsing with transparency, so it makes sense that this campaign would attract some of the hottest names at the moment. The diverse list includes: Shawn Mendes, Noah Centineo, Billie Eilish, and Chika. Each artist explains their own “truth” in a series of videos directed by Jonas Lindstroem, accompanied by images shot by Mario Sorrenti. The truths range from Mendes feeling like he has to prove his sexuality, to Chika’s goose bump evoking quote, “I am a force to be reckoned with.”   

The brand stated “We believe that embracing authentic self-expression creates a platform for authentic connections – and ultimately, a catalyst for change.” Using #MyCalvins, they hope to inspire us to live as our truest selves.

Just as the production of designer denim changed the fashion scene forever, perhaps this new opportunity to encourage listening to each other’s stories, feelings, and #Truths will promote a different kind of change around the world. Watch videos of the campaign below.

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