Calvin Klein x Heron Preston is Releasing Today

The powerhouse collaboration everyone’s been waiting for is finally here

Heron Preston’s year in the making collaboration with Calvin Klein is being released today. Along with Calvin Klein classics such as white tank tops and blue jeans, the collection includes Preston’s touches of camel joggers, space-age-looking lace-less sneakers, and structured jackets.


Heron Preston’s own brand is a mix of street style and high fashion and along with his experience with Off-White, a collaboration with Calvin was a perfect match. Calvin’s dressy-meets- \casual looks mixed with more artistic styles are what makes this collection stand out.

Lil Uzi Vert, Kaia Gerber, Jordan Alexander, Nas, Ashley Graham, and more were featured in a campaign video shot by Renell Medrano. There are scenes with Nas peeling an orange while wearing a white jacket and hoodie, camel joggers, and lace-less sneakers, Lil Uzi Vert sitting in a chair wearing blue jeans, a white tank, and a black jacket while saying, “Kaia wears underwear.” Through the entirety of the video, every featured model says someone wears Calvin, including Ashely Graham saying Preston wears Calvin while wearing a navy blue hoodie jacket, a white tank, and roller blades on a carpeted floor.

The campaign does what Calvin Klein does so well in bringing together diverse creatives from all walks of life cohesively.

The collaborative collection can be purchased at

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