Camera Nazionale Della Mode Italiana Fashion Hub Opens

Coinciding with Milan Fashion Week, the National Chamber for Italian Fashion opens their newest exhibition to display up and coming designers. 

The National Chamber for Italian Fashion (CNMI)  continues to bring attention to upcoming international designers. In collaboration with the ADI Design Museum, the CNMI presents their newest venture: the Fashion Hub.

The hub will serve as a foundational place for designers to show their work. Currently, there are rooms available for designers on the current Milan Fashion Week schedule to show their collections. As of now, four different fashion based projects are presenting their works in the hub’s spaces. The We Are Made in Italy project, the Designers for Ethical Fashion Project, the 5th Edition of the Designer for the Planet project, and the 7th Edition of the Budapest Select are the first groups to show at the Fashion Hub. 


We Are Made in Italy

The We Are Made in Italy project, or the WAMI collective, is offering the opportunity for 5 BIPOC designers to showcase their work alongside fashion week. For this round, Sheetal Shah, Judith Borsetto, Nyny Ryke Goungou, Zineb Hazim and Romy Calzado take over the room, and show the world what they have to offer. Additionally, each designer is showing at Fashion Week, thanks to the digital content presentation of the WAMI collective.

Are Lumiere

 The Designers for Ethical Fashion Project focuses on the issues surrounding ethical and social problems in the fashion world. The collective specifical looks at issues regarding women, victims of violence, migrants and refugees. Showcasing their work as part of this collective are SEP and Ara Lumiere. SEP, an organization that works to raise refugee women above the poverty line, presents a collection of over 500 embroidery artists in the refugee camp of Jersah in Jordan.

Ara Lumiere presents its first ready-to-wear collection. Produced by women of acid attacks, the brand will use 100% of all revenue to support medical treatment for these women, and help to reintegrate them into society. Cartiera also takes a space in the Designers for Ethical Fashion Project. This brand focuses on training and employing refugees, asylum-seekers, and other people in struggling positions. They’re working to change the prejudice that forces foreign workers to work in unqualified positions. 

Raree Show

For the 5th Edition of Designer for the Planet project, the CMNI showcases five brands that are working within the bounds of environmental sustainability. Bennu, Acidalatte, DassùYAmoroso, Vernisse and Raree Show fill the space with their eco friendly and fashion forward pieces. Raree Show is also the winner of the Important Award from the CMNI and Camera Buyer Italia. 

Budapest Select

Finally, the 7th Edition of  Budapest Select, the CMNI and the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency is displaying 7 Hungarian brands. Abodi, Cukovy, Elysian, Kata Szegedi, Nini, The Four and Zsigmond show their works at the fashion hub. Abodi, Elysian, Kata Szegedi, and The Four will show their work during the Budapest Select FW22-23 Special Show on February 26. Cukovy will show their collection on February 25. 

As the Fashion Hub begins to find their footing as a new mecca for young designers, the world awaits to see what it offers. It serves as a beacon of innovation, creativity, and is giving young designers an opportunity like no other. The Fashion Hub is now open at the ADI Design Museum in Milan.


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