Canada Goose Launches BRANTA Collection

The inaugural capsule, which celebrates the intersection of self-exploration and nature, is comprised of six limited-edition parkas based on the artwork of Diane Burko and driven by innovation – through functionality, elevated materials, and unmatched craftsmanship.

This fall, Canada Goose is unveiling BRANTA, an elevated collection that reinterprets its iconic heritage with style, distinction, and imagination. From a brand built on exploration, BRANTA delivers an aesthetic focused on the natural world, inviting wearers to connect nature with self-exploration. 

BRANTA is limited edition in nature but boundless in imagination and will be reimagined seasonally through creative partners, textile, color, print, and fabric innovation. This season’s theme is Glacial Shifts, inspired by activist artist, Diane Burko. Burko, who shares in the brand’s passion and decades-long devotion to the North, used the power of art to capture reality, documenting the disappearance of glaciers through a series of large- scale photographs and paintings. “Diane’s theme of Glacial Shifts aligned with so many conversations we were already having in our design discussions: the changing face of the Arctic, the concept of slowness, huge changes that happen in miniscule increments,” said Karuna Scheinfeld, VP of Design at Canada Goose.” We were also enthralled by her use of layering in her process and her painting and that resonated with how we build garments: stitch by stitch, the layers of fabrics, insulation and laminations creating the final result in multiple dimensions.”

Canada Goose, reimagined a print from Burko’s “Elegy Series” to create two reversible motifs featured in the collection; one inspired by the blue hues of the water and the other featuring the sharp whites of ice. 

I am thrilled to be partnering with Canada Goose on this BRANTA project – absolutely ecstatic over how they have integrated my work into their beautifully constructed garments!” said Burko.


The Fall/Winter 2019 BRANTA collection was brought to life via an artistic installation that was captured for the campaign. In order to create this literal representation of Glacial Shifts, Canada Goose commissioned visual artists, Polymétis, who are known for revealing familiar territories and spaces from unusual perspectives. Inspired by the organic patterns and textures of the Arctic depicted in Burko’s artwork, Polymétis created Monument to Arctic Phenomena. When seen at eye level, the geometric installation creates a wide horizontal vista, a skyline of pyramids across a flat landscape; but seen from above, the BRANTA print is revealed. 

With BRANTA, craftsmanship and adaptability reign supreme, echoing the classic styles of Canada Goose. Its contemporary design brings style-focused fits and silhouettes in premium materials, informed by seasonal trends. Each piece has meticulous detailing – in construction, tailoring, and trims. The cuts and finishes are refined; the matte buttons and zippers are sleek; the cuffs, polished; the materials, such as this season’s signature Loro Piana wool, are preeminent; the finish, sophisticated. The discreet branding distinguishes it from classic Canada Goose – a reminder of its DNA, while looking ahead to the future. 

BRANTA’s Fall/Winter 2019 pieces are multi-environmental, made to withstand various climates and conditions with the convertible coats, Loro Piana wool, and adjustable functional features. Each parka’s solid exterior and reversible printed interior creates versatility, allowing for ease in adaptation. The six styles are all aptly named after glaciers: Viedma, Atavist, Leduc, and Berendon. 

The full range is available starting October 4 in select Canada Goose retail stores and online. Don’t get stuck in the cold. 

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