Canada Goose, known for its utilitarian designs, partners with three up-and-coming designers—Collina Strada, Thebe Magugu, and Mira Mikati— to create the ‘Hood Trim Collective’, a limited-edition capsule of reinterpreted Canada Goose products and standalone hood trims. Hood trims, an interchangeable parka accessory that can be added to create customization in your outerwear and provide further protection around the face beyond the hood, are utilized within the Hood Trim Collective to add additional self-expression to Canada Goose’s products.

Courtesy of Canada Goose

“We’re always looking for ways to ensure consumers can express themselves through their personal style — and the Hood Trim Collective does just that,” said Niamh McManus, Sr. Design Director Canada Goose. “By working with three diverse, emerging designers, we have curated a collection that provides seven unique and powerful designs for consumers to choose from.”

Collina Strada, founded by Hillary Taymour, is a brand recognized for their commitment to sustainability and transparency. As a brand aligned with eco-consciousness, Collina Strada collaborates with Canada Goose for its first fur-free season. Collina Strada’s Be Me Shelburne Parka, a redesign of the Shelburne Parka, features original hand-drawn design work fused with eco-friendly materials. The parka is paired with trims that pull from Collina Strada’s trademark ‘Animalistic’ style through Cat Ear and Black Furry Hood Trims. 

Drawing inspiration from his family’s heritage in Lesotho, Thebe Magugu elevates the Mystique Parka to new heights. The parka features a striking abstract print inspired by the traditional Basotho Blanket, worn in Lesotho. Offered in two colorways, Azure Blue Motif and Messina Black Motif, the parka is complemented by a black down-filled, scarf-inspired hood trim. 

Lebanese-born, Paris-raised, London-based Mira Mikati is most well-known for her playful, ‘endorphin-enhancing’ ready-to-wear. For the Hood Trim Collective, Mira Mikati redefines the popular Chilliwack Bomber. Developed as a nod to post-war bush pilots in Canada’s North, Mikati has injected this military-inspired bomber with a new whimsical life in the Bright Sky Chilliwack Bomber. Thanks to a quilt design, the bomber illustrates the sky at sunset and sunrise with clouds transcending throughout the design. Mikati’s two Hood Trim designs—the Rainbow Smiles Hood Trim and the Stay Sunny Hood Trim—are adorned with high-octane colors and the phrase ‘Stay Sunny’. 

To learn more about the Hood Trim Collective, V chatted with Mira Mikati about how she managed to fuse her creative and playful designs with the functionality of Canada Goose’s classic products.

V Magazine: Mira Mikati is described as a return to “frenzied innocence and having fun.” How did you translate this ethos into the collaborative designs with Canada Goose and in what ways does it come alive in the collection? 

Mira Mikati: I love bright colors, fun and unique motifs, textiles, and prints, and being able to add those creative elements to the Canada Goose x Mira Mikati collective was a dream. The collection is about feeling happy, warm, and sunny, and is designed to bring a burst of happiness to all kinds of adventures no matter how extreme they get. When designing the collection, I imagined someone on an epic adventure in the Antarctic where they are surrounded by a blanket of white—void of any color, except for the sky. I wanted the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber and hood trims in vibrant bursts of color to radiate warmth and make you feel like you’re being wrapped in coziness and smiles.  

V: What challenges and opportunities did you encounter in balancing the playful and colorful aspects of your designs with the functionality and heritage expected from Canada Goose products? 

MM: I’ve always had a fantasy of creating a jacket to tag along with globe-trotters on their amazing escapades. The partnership is an exciting and creative juxtaposition between the Chilliwack Bomber which is such an iconic jacket that is performance-driven and function-first, and myself, a designer who draws inspiration from nature and always likes to have fun and incorporate as many bright and playful colors and prints as I can to cheer up the world. I was able to put my flair on the styles and breathe a new life in the bomber, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that captures the mesmerizing beauty of our world.   

V: Can you elaborate on the significance of the phrase ‘Stay Sunny’ and the overall whimsical touch that you brought to the Chilliwack Bomber? 

MM: The Stay Sunny hood is like a pocketful of sunshine, there to brighten up the darkest, chilliest moments and I want the wearer of the hood to be excited and feel happy.

V: In what ways do you feel the Bright Sky Chilliwack Bomber contributes to the overall goal of the Hood Trim Collective in celebrating self-expression? 

MM: The Chilliwack is one of Canada Goose’s most beloved jackets and has been in their product line for years. I wanted to take the iconic silhouette that is a nod to a pilot’s bomber jacket and put a playful and colorful spin on the style. The two colorways depict the sky at sunrise and sunset, something a pilot would oftentimes see while in the air. Sunset is made up of a yellow dominant colorway with accents of Plum Blossom Pink and Northstar White. The other colorway, Sunrise, is portrayed through a skyscape consisting of a blue dominant motif, Plum Blossom Pink, Overboard Yellow, and Mira Mikati Orange. With most pilot and bomber jackets, you’d expect muted or neutral tones, so I wanted to take a silhouette that’s known for being serious and turn it into something so fun, unique, unconventional, and freeing!  

V: How do you hope this collaboration with Canada Goose and the Hood Trim Collective will resonate with consumers and impact the fashion industry? 

MM: I want consumers to see this collection as a piece of art that sparks joy, smiles, and laughter because we don’t always have to be so serious with how we dress! You can’t help but smile when you see the collection. 

The Hood Trims collection is now available exclusively at Canada Goose’s 5th Avenue boutique in the US.

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