In the midst of the fashion world’s loudness, Canali’s collection at Milan Fashion Week shines through with a refreshing sense of gentleness. Instead of flashy displays, Canali takes a more subtle approach, suggesting a quietly confident presence.

Courtesy of Canali

From their clothing, which embodies the finest craftsmanship and the softest constructions, to their commitment to a shorter and more sustainable supply chain, gentleness is at the core of their ethos. The hands that create their garments express this gentility through their artisanal expertise, a fundamental pillar of Canali’s identity. Their latest collection, aptly named “Mediterranean Craft,” celebrates the virtues of Italian craftsmanship while also embracing the beauty and influence of craft from diverse cultures. The collection features objects and accessories designed to seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of men from all walks of life, recognizing that masculinity today is multifaceted and diverse.

The collection showcases Vichy checks in different sizes, creating a sense of movement on suiting wool and painted shirts and trousers. A Mediterranean feel is present in tricot jumpers, crocheted trucker jackets and textured pieces made of terry. The outerwear combines soft leather with technical fabrics, while environmentally friendly CARE suits and knits use organic or recycled materials. As a subtle nod to Canali’s founding year, the whispered logo of 1934 adorns select pieces and accessories, and eveningwear offers pastel shades, black and white, with linen or voile shirts and velvet slippers for an elegant touch.

In addition, the collection features a thoughtful selection of fabrics, including fine wool, textured linen, terry, washed nappa leather and silk. The color palette is a harmonious blend of light and airy tones like white, sand, sky blue, lavender and sunflower, with richer accents of caramel, dark brown, blue, blue-black and burgundy. Completing the looks are accessories such as caps, bucket hats, woven raffia belts and a range of footwear options including sneakers, slip-ons, sandals, reimagined velvet slippers, rope-soled slippers and loafers.

Gentleness and fine tailoring are at the heart of Canali’s philosophy. Their garments embody this gentleness, offering the finest Made in Italy pieces crafted with soft constructions.

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