Cara Delevingne Gears Up a Hulu Project on Gender and Sexual Identity

Bearing the working title of Planet Sex.

It has now been announced that Hulu and BBC Three are set to co-produce a documentary series on issues of sexual and gender identity starring actress, model and singer Cara Delevingne.

It has been revealed that Hulu is currently on the brink of finalizing the deal on six-part BBC series. Bearing the working title Planet Sex, the show is slated for production by Fremantle’s British label Naked Television, which also makes the UK version of Lifetime reality show The Rap Game for BBC Three. In what is expected to be a “high-end” documentary series, Delevingne will explore big questions about human sexuality, examining the issues of relationships, sex appeal and the popularity of pornography.

Given Delevingne’s pansexual identity, this will be a highly personal project for the star who is attracted to all people, regardless of their gender identity. In the show, she will throw herself into experiments conducted by world-leading sex labs and visit communities who experience gender and sexuality very differently.

The production for this docuseries is currently back underway, after being temporarily halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Naked Television is co-producing Planet Sex with Delevingne’s Cara & Co; the star is also co-executive producing this forthcoming project with Naked Television’s founder and former Fox executive Simon Andreae.

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